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Just to start with, I wanted to impress y'll with the fact that I am an Architect Consultant for Simply Aroma!  . . .  Are you impressed yet ;-)  LOL . . . and all that means is, I am one of the consultants that started Simply Aroma during their first year of starting business.  Which means, that Simply Aroma is just over one year old.  Now that we got that out of the way . . . for those that had never heard of Simply Aroma . . .

Simply Aroma essential oils are pure, high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.  That said . . . please be advised that there really is no regulation on essential oils, and "therapeutic grade" is simply a marketing schtick.  So . . . why am I telling you this?  Because it's true.  

And what does that mean to/for you?  That anyone can make this claim. And that there are a LOT of essential oil companies offering the same thing.  Now for the big question . . . what differentiates one from the other?  Quality.  In my opinion, that's about it.  What I mean by this is that there are varying degrees of quality within the essential oil business.  I've tried a lot of different companies, big name and little-known name.  What I have found for myself is that, while some claim to be "pure" essential oils, they aren't.  They are mixed with some other "pure" carrier oil to dilute them.  Or the scent in general is noxious vs what I would anticipate from an essential oil.

All that being what it is, why did I pick Simply Aroma?  The customer service.  While yes, there are definiely oils that I prefer with Simply Aroma vs any of the other companies that do provide pure essential oils, for the most part, it's the customer service.  And I know what you're thinking . . . this is multi-level marketing, blah-blah-blah.  There's nothing wrong with that.  But for me, that's not my focus any way.  I initially tried Simply Aroma because I need oils that I could trust (refer back to Must Love Pigeons! and Nothing Fancy) . . . they were exactly what they said they were . . . I had CRAZY fast delivery service . . . and I've been hooked ever since.

If you are interested in trying out Simply Aroma, let me know.  I can offer you recipes to create your own natural products, or I can make them for you.  Do you have a specific problem that you would like help with?  Let me know.  

DISCLAIMER:  I do not diagnose ailments or conditions.  I can only offer information of what I know has worked for me and my family.  Mileage will vary. Please use common sense and seek medical attention where appropriate.

On this site, you will find what specials I am offering, and gift suggestions.  If you would like to check out what single, and blended oils Simply Aroma has to offer, please go to my website at

You can also download our app, Simply Aroma Product App, from the Play Store.  This not only provides you with what we have available, but it gives you the benefits, and conditions of using each and every product we offer, all in one easy to manage app.  Not sure if it's correct?  Do some additional research on your own and compare with what you find.  There will also be a blog coming soon, where I will post out lovely tidbits about how to use, and why to use, and if I use a particular oil.  And it all comes down to chemistry . . . really!