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Hi, Everyone . . . 

My name is Selayma Anan, and I have been involved with performing and/or teaching Belly Dance for more than 30 years now.  I know!  Talk about time flying fast when you're having fun!

Think of this page as being a portal to all things wonderful in my World, regarding dancing, teaching, my troupe, etc. At this point, Baptism by Fire! has been pretty darn active!  Below, is a quick throw-down of current classes and upcoming events.  For additional information, as well as my random thoughts, ideas and ramblings, please check out my blog "Selayma Anan".

CLASSES - Ongoing:

What   - Belly Dancing!
Where - Coloma Community Center on T Street, in Sacramento ~
When  - Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm - Level II and Choreo/Troupe
             Thursday evenings at 6:30pm - Level I
Fees   - $45.00 for 4 classes via punch card.  Card is good for 6 weeks

Please contact me in regards to which class you should be in.  The punch card helps ensure that you will be able to get your class time in vs losing that time due to an emergency, etc.  I so hate it when that happens.

What   - Senior Dance & Fit!
Where - Coloma Community Center on T Street, in Sacramento ~
When  - Monday mornings at 9.30am
              Friday mornings at 9:30am
Fees   - $28.00 for 8 classes via punch card.  Card is good for 8 weeks.

You must be 50+ to enroll for this class.  However . . . please do NOT mistake this is a sissy-la-la class!  My ladies work hard (ages ranging from 58-97 years of age!) and they bring it!

Pending - Due to requests, I am currently considering an under-50 Dance & Fit Class, in addition to looking for an additional location for another 
                  belly dance class east of Sacramento.  As I solidify these classes, I will let you know.


June 10-18, 2015 -- On the Road!!!
June 11-14, 2015 -- Shimmy 2B Free! Colorado . . . . . the 10th Anniversary Celebration!!!

July 2015 -- Something special, this way cometh!

Again, for more information about what's going on, upcoming events and just general "stuff", please check out my blog at  And for general chuckles, you can follow me on Facebook by clicking the little blue button below.  I am still working on getting everything up and running, and looking how I want, but we're rolling ;-)