Project PM/S 4U

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The Story:  

I was driving through San Francisco with my two daughters, and suddenly my eldest daughter yelled, "Mom!~  Look at all the pretty penguins!"  Now . . . you can imagine our excitement as we started looking around to find the penquins!!!  How cool would that be to see on the streets of San Francisco, right!?!?!  Well . . . after about 10 minutes of looking all around (while trying not to run into, or over someone as I was still driving), my daughter was more than a little irritated, and actually quite angry, as she thought we were playing a game with her . . . pretending that we didn't see the penguins.  

She finally yelled, "Mom!  Stop pretending you can't see them!  They're all over the place!!!"  It took me just a moment longer to finally understand what she was talking about.  I said, very quietly, but with a hint of laughter, "Baby . . . those aren't penguins.  They're pigeons."  Of course, then the laughter really broke out between me and my youngest daughter.  I still wrap my eldest's Christmas gifts in penguin paper ;-)

So . . . fast forward to just a couple years ago.  I told The Story to my three granddaughters, who immediately fell over laughing that their Auntie had been so sure she saw penguins, and decided that we needed to do something.  

Must Love Pigeons! is the product of that discussion . . . and we love penguins, so it was a no-brainer!  Must Love Pigeons! has become a collaborative effort between the four of us.  They come up with crazy ideas, that we work with and mold into something do-able.  It has become a positive outlet for creativity and positive outcomes.  It's quite therapeutic ;-)

What Must Love Pigeons! offers is upcycled clothing items (tops, skirts and yoga pants).  The girls have been learning a lot the past few years about reusing whenever possible, so this became a necessity for us.  We believe in protecting our environment as much as we can.  We also create jewelry, and are working on designing other clothing items specific to young ladies.  

Another aspect of Must Love Pigeons! is "Nothing Fancy".  This is our all natural body/spa product line, which includes things such as our Coffee Latte Mocha body scrub, Winter Sunshine sugar scrub, bath salts, lip balms, lotion bars, hand crafted soaps, and more!  All natural (translate to "edible") and organic ingredients, along with high quality, certified therapeutic essential oils (check out our Simply Aroma page).  Yes . . . almost everything we make is actually edible . . . lol . . . we just wouldn't suggest it.  They're not all "tasty!

As we are still working on bringing up this part of the website, please check back.  You will find specials listed here on the website, as well as our blog.