Project PM/S 4U

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First . . . let's get the name out of the way.  It's not what you think . . . the name is simply my initials.  Although, they do lend to the purpose of this site. Long story short . . . this is a "project" that I've thought about for a few years now, and I finally decided to pull it together!

What this site does, is connect several aspects of our Lives into one cohesive location.  Yes, we, as a family, are involved in sales.  Each picture below will take you to a different aspect of what we offer, including why we chose a particular company to work with, and why we started our own family micro-business, among other things.

But what prompted this Project to start with was simply women.  I have thought about all the things that I wish someone had told me about as it pertains to growing older, the boundaries that we place upon ourselves, the stereotypes that we continually try to dispell . . . okay . . . and the aging process in general.  And so much more!  I couple this with Shimmy 2B Free!, which is an event that I began 10+ years ago in support of breast cancer, that I would like to build on as well.

In addition to this website, I am starting up a blog for Project PM/S 4U, as well as a Facebook and a YouTube channel.  These, however, will be restricted to women only due to the content and nature of the information.  I believe this helps offer a safe environment for women to share information freely.  If you would like to be invited on any of these, please shoot me a note via Contact link, and let me know which/all that you would like to be included on, as well as your contact info to send the invite to.

Please browse the options below; The "Pigeons" will also be working to help answer questions (since this is also their project), and such . . . just let us know . . . you can also send in any comments/suggestions that you may have.